Tuesday, October 22, 2013

6 Prettiest Bride HairStyles with Flower Crown

You are planning an outdoor wedding, as the bride, have you decided which hairstyle would you like! It is perfect if you choose one hairstyle with flower crown, this is nice choice for outdoor wedding! But which hairstyle is suitable for flower crown? Here is some options!
1.A Gold-sprayed Flower Crown:If you can't decide whether you want to go with a sparkly headpiece or a fresh flower crown on your wedding day?Just try the best of both worlds with a gold-sprayed wreath like this one.
Wedding hairstyle: Curly blonde hair with a gold-sprayed flower crown 
2.A Peach and Blush Rose Flower Crown:
Wedding hairstyle: Curled hair with a large rose flower crown 
3.A Soft Pink Flower Crown: Soft,feathery buds are a natural choice for a romantic flower crown like this one!
Wedding hairstyle: Long, curled brown hair with a pink flower crown 
4.A romantic white and blush flower crown:
Wedding hairstyle: Long, curled hair with a blush and white rose flower crown
5.A silk flower Headpiece with Pearl and Bead Accents.This is very simple, and the out looking is soft, subtle and romantic!
Wedding hairstyle: Loose, down hair with a pearl and beaded flower headpiece 
6.A whimsical white Flower Crown:
Wedding hairstyle: Long hair with a white wreath

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